2014 Resident Commissioner Election

Thank you to all of the residents who participated in PHA's first Resident Commissioner Election. Preliminary election results may be viewed here.

Candidates for PHA Resident Commissioner 

Vernell Tate
1. Vernell Tate
Ethel Wise
2. Ethel M. Wise
Edna Devlin
3. Edna Devlin
Sarina Coleman4. Sarina Coleman
Leslie Miles5. Leslie Miles Leigh Howard6. Leigh Howard Asia Coney7. Asia Coney


Under state law, PHA's Board of Commissioners comprises nine members. Two of the Commissioners must be PHA residents, selected by a free, fair, and open election. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority vote by City Council. New Commissioners will receive extensive training before they are installed on the Board.

Polling Sites

1. Warnock
2862 Germantown Ave.
8.Germantown House
5457 Wayne Ave.
15. Holmecrest Homes
8133 Erdrick Pl.
2. Mt. Olivet
642 N. 41st St.
9. Raymond Rosen 
2301 W. Edgely St.
16. Emlen Arms
6733 Emlen St.
3. Abbottsford
3226 McMichael St.
10. West Park Apts.
300 N. Busti St.
17. Bartram Village
5404 Gibson Dr.
4. Oxford Village
6150 Algon Ave.
11. Morton Homes
5929 Morton St.
18. Courtyard Apartments
1021 S. 4th St.
5. Street Center
1100 Poplar St.
12. Plymouth Hall
2207 Venango St.
19. Nellie Reynolds Gardens
2653 W. Glenwood Ave.
6. Wilson Park
2500 Jackson St.
13. Hill Creek Apts.
528 Adams Ave.
7. Blumberg Apts.
2311 W. Jefferson St.
14. Fairhill Apartments
2443 N. 11th Street

Transportation for PHA Senior Sites

Eligible voters at PHA senior sites may receive transportation from the following properties to the nearest polling site. Departures will occur at 10:00AM & 4:00PM.

1. St. Anthony's 4. Katie B. Jackson 7. Cassie L. Holley 10. GGFE
2. Parkview 5. Bentley Hall 8. Collegeview
3. Neumann North 6. Angela Court 9. Suffolk Manor

Special Accommodations
Any home-bound, disabled or limited English proficiency speaking residents may request special accommodations that will allow such residents to vote from their homes. Special Accommodation requests must be received by the ITPM by April 23, 2014.

Eligible Voters
Any Public Housing (including Tax Credit, Scattered Sites or HCV) Resident that is at least 18 years old, on the lease and has identification. No picture required.

Candidate Forum
Residents are encouraged to come listen to the candidates speak and ask the candidates questions on April 22, 2014 at 6:30pm at Harrison Plaza: 1350 N. 10th St. 19122.

Polling Site Monitors
JCK Legal, the Independent Third Party Monitor for the Resident Commissioner Election, is hiring approximately 24 residents to serve as Polling Site Monitors, who will ensure that proper voting procedures are followed on Election Day. Click here for more information on how to become a Polling Site Monitor.  


For more information, call 301-637-3635 or email PHAElections@gmail.com


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