The Finance Department is organized into four areas: treasury, general accounting, capital funds, and the budget office.

The Treasury

  • Handles rents collected by the managers, subsidies received from governmental agencies, and all other accounts receivable
  • Invests all excess funds to maximize the rate of return earned under the guidelines set by HUD
  • Is responsible for the security, printing and signing of all PHA outgoing checks

Accounting Department

  • Collects and controls data about monthly financial transactions
  • Develops and produces reports itemizing the transactions for PHA management and outside reporting agencies

Capital Funds Department

  • Administers all modernization, Hope VI and development grants
  • Approves construction budgets, monitors expenditures and reports the financial status on a monthly basis to PHA management
  • Ensures accurate and timely financial management of all PHA projects

Budget Office

  • Monitors all budgets for appropriate spending levels
  • All draft budgets are submitted to the Budget Office for compilation into the general PHA budget