Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Department consists of twelve personnel, three foremen, two supervisors and a management trainee. It is organized into four divisions to facilitate the flow of materials, equipment and mail to the Maintenance Department and PHA offices.

  • The Inventory Department is located at the Bartram Avenue Supply Facility in South Philadelphia. It receives stores and issues large building trades materials and items that are critical for emergency repairs.
  • The Scattered Sites Cross-Dock is co-located at the Bartram facility and combines materials ordered from the Inventory Department with the "high velocity" repair items ordered from regional suppliers for specific Scattered Sites maintenance and repair projects. The combined items are then distributed to the work sites on a daily basis.
  • The Small Equipment Department comprises two teams that receive, store, maintain, repair and issue the inventory of tools, machines, specialized motor vehicles, generators and seasonal vehicle accessories used by the Maintenance Department.
  • The Distribution Team consists of five PHA employees that deliver or transfer supplies to and from all of PHA's Maintenance sites and pick-up, sort, post, deliver and/or expedite all postal and intra-office mail received by, or sent from, PHA offices.

The Property Accountability Team is comprised of three personnel that track the full life-cycle of PHA property-accountable assets valued over $499.99. Using state-of-the-art electronic bar-code readers, they scan the bar-coded assets throughout PHA on a scheduled cycle and maintain a database which tracks the receipts, assignments, transfers, retiring and disposal of PHA's office and industrial assets.

The Commercial Facilities Services Department performs two key functions in support of PHA's administrative offices and community centers:

  • The Janitorial Group is comprised of eight Janitors and two Janitorial Foremen that maintain the cleanliness and appearance of eight large office buildings and community centers throughout Philadelphia.  Through close work with the Supply Chain Department, the group also manages the ordering, storage and replenishment of all janitorial and public hygiene supplies that are used at the eight facilities.
  • The Facilities Support Team fulfills the supply requests submitted by the Janitorial Group and coordinates contracted or "in-house" preventive maintenance, repairs and emergency support (including snow removal and landscaping) via PHA vendors, the Maintenance Department and the Advanced Facilities Management Department.

David Walsh
Acting Executive Vice President - Supply Chain Management
2013 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Phone: 215-684-4999
Fax: 215-684-4990