Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) Property - FAQ

Why does PHA own vacant property?
PHA's real estate portfolio contains properties obtained over the course of several decades for the purpose of providing affordable housing in Philadelphia. At present, some properties are vacant structures, others are vacant land and most are subject to certain rules and restrictions placed upon housing authorities by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD.)

May PHA sell or donate vacant property?
PHA must follow HUD rules for many activities, including the disposition of property. HUD requires that PHA gain approval before the disposition of any property. These approvals have a list of requirements and may take months or years to complete. Some of these vacant properties already have disposition approval; others do not. PHA also works closely with the City of Philadelphia with regard to disposition planning.

Can I buy a vacant property?
If and when PHA has disposition approval for a particular property, it will generally not be sold directly to an individual. PHA may sell properties via public auction or transfer properties in bulk to the City of Philadelphia's Land Bank. We encourage you to visit PHA's website and this page in particular for information about these types of activities. Expressing interest in a particular property will allow us to have your contact information in the event there is news about that property.

I don't want to buy a property, but have concerns about upkeep.
Please contact PHA's maintenance department at (215-684-8920) to report dumping, unsecured vacant property or other concerns about upkeep.