About Scattered Sites

"Scattered Sites" is the term used to describe individual housing units located throughout Philadelphia that are owned by PHA. Over 4,000 low and moderate-income families live in these properties, which are on "scattered" city blocks.

Scattered Site residents mix with private renters and homeowners in their neighborhood and blend into the surrounding community.

PHA also has a special homeownership program just for scattered sites residents who meet certain criteria. Qualified residents have the opportunity to purchase the home in which they live through PHA's 5(h) Scattered Site Homeownership Program.

Many of our scattered site properties are over 100 years old and have historic value. We have to make sure that these units are preserved under guidelines set by the city's historical societies. PHA plays an aggressive role in maintaining the historic value of these properties.

Scattered Sites are divided into 10 geographic areas of the city and managed by Community-Based Management Offices.