PHA Gets An "A"
The Philadelphia Housing Authority has received high marks from HUD following a recent management evaluation. In fact, PHA is performing at levels never before reached in its entire history.

Under the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS), HUD evaluates the physical condition of all properties under agency control, including the grounds and structures, both inside and out.

PHA scored a 27, with 30 being tops. That is one of the highest scores in the nation and is a dramatic improvement over the past two years when we received scores of 21 and 18.

PHA also received high marks for resident satisfaction. For the second year in a row, we received a 9, with 10 as the top score. This, too, is a dramatic improvement. Before Carl Greene's arrival in 1998, we scored a 6.

Residents are surveyed on such issues as the condition of their units, the response time to their maintenance calls, and the conditions of the grounds at their developments.

PHA completes most repairs within ten days and most emergency repairs are made within 24 hours. That's a far cry from just a few years ago when repairs took an average of 209 days.

HUD no longer evaluates us in two other categories, finance and management. That's because we have flexibility to innovate in those areas under the "Moving To Work" program.

PHA Report Card
  2000 2001 2002  
Physical Condition of Properties 18 21 27 30
Resident Satisfaction 8 9 9 10
Finance*     na  
Management*     na  
*exempt under "Moving To Work"        

About PHA

PHA is transforming public housing in the city of Philadelphia. As the nation's fourth largest public housing agency serving more than 70,000 residents, PHA is the first housing authority in the U. S. designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) of the National Association of Realtors as an "Accredited Management Organization." This designation is awarded to firms engaged in property management that have met IREM's high standards in the areas of education, experience, integrity and financial stability.