PHA Hosts First Annual Senior Summit
PHA Commissioner Nellie Reynolds listens closely with her fellow seniors as District Attorney Lynne Abraham speaks to them.

PHA Executive Director Carl Greene talks to seniors about the federal budget and what it means to them.

Seniors who live at PHA developments prove they're young at heart as they take time out to boogie.

PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 13, 2003) - Several hundred seniors, who are Philadelphia Housing Authority residents, were honored and recognized at PHAs first annual Senior Summit this weekend. The event recognized the special needs of seniors and featured workshops on health, finance, recreation, law and politics. City and PHA officials offered their expertise in these and other areas at the two day event which ended early Saturday afternoon.

District Attorney Lynne Abraham, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, Director of Tenant Support Services Asia Coney and PHA Executive Director Carl Greene were among the featured speakers. The Senior Summit is a quality event that honors our senior citizens and deals with issues that are becoming more critical as our population ages, and as health care and related costs increase, says Greene. He added that PHA intends to build on the tradition that it started this year and elevate and improve the quality of the Senior Summit in future years.

PHA has about 6,400 residents who are over age 50, of which 3,000 are over age 65. They are probably the most stable population that the agency has, but like many seniors outside of public housing they, too, are vulnerable. The Senior Summit teaches them how to better manage their lives in world that gets more complex by the day.

About PHA

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