Success After the Storm
Residents of Morton Homes spent a pleasant fall morning sprucing up their neighborhood.

Councilwoman and PHA Commissioner Jannie Blackwell and PHA Executive Director Carl Greene plant flowers in front of two homes in the 400 block of Rittenhouse Street.

Rap artists Dem Boyz from Philly entertain residents of Wilson Park in festivities capping Fall Clean Sweep 2003.
PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 20, 2003) - Volunteers from the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), Tenant Support Services Inc. (TSSI) and residents from all parts of the city converged today at several key locations to clean up in the wake of Hurricane Isabel.

Fall Clean Sweep 2003 targeted Morton Homes in northwest Philadelphia, the Ludlow neighborhood in the 600 block of Jefferson Street, Johnson Homes at 25th and Berks Street, the Mantua Neighborhood at 46th & Brown Street, and Wilson Park at 2500 Jackson St. in South Philadelphia.

The event focused on picking up debris left by the storm and quickly returning neighborhoods to their normal look. Clean Sweep in past years was run citywide in and around 50 PHA neighborhood developments.

PHA Executive Director Carl Greene said the timing of the storm worked out, in a way. We had already planned the date for Clean Sweep. The tools, brooms and trash bags were already in place. The lunches had already been ordered, so we were ready, Greene said.

Clean Sweep at Morton Homes (5920 Morton Street) was highlighted by the planting of flowers in the 400 block of Rittenhouse Street and fence painting around the flower beds. VIPs taking part in todays events included Philadelphia Mayor John Street, Councilwoman and PHA Commissioner Jannie Blackwell, Councilman Darrell Clarke, and Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller.

Mayor Street said he had attended all past Clean Sweep events, but this one was extra special. Working with the employees and residents of PHA is always gratifying, but in the wake of the storm, we were able to combine Clean Sweep with a city-wide effort by volunteers and our Streets Department to make the event more effective than ever, said the mayor.

The other major highlight of Clean Sweep this year was the painting of eight murals at Wilson Park (2500 Jackson Street) in South Philadelphia by volunteers from the City of Philadelphia mural arts program. Those murals, created by artist David McShane, collectively show a journey through life and its changes.

TSSI Director Asia Coney said she loves the new murals. Residents take great pride in their PHA communities and these murals add a finishing touch to the renovation of Wilson Park, Coney said. Clean Sweep is a component of PHAs Sparkle Plus program that focuses on making sure that developments are well maintained and attractive, complementing and benefiting the surrounding neighborhoods. The program is four years old.

About PHA

PHA, the nations fourth largest public housing agency serving more than 76,000 residents, is transforming public housing in the city of Philadelphia. TSSI is a 501 ( c ) (3) nonprofit organization created in 1987 to improve the lives of public housing residents through support services and programs.