Open House Attracts Crowd at PHAs Blackwell Homes
    PHILADELPHIA-What do you get when hold an open house for beautiful new affordable housing in West Philadelphia? A big crowd. 

    Hundreds of people visited the sales office and sample home at the Philadelphia Housing Authority's Lucien E. Blackwell Homes near 45th and Brown on Saturday, December 18. They were there to check out the 35 homes that make up Phase 3 of the development. The first two phases - 65 homes - quickly sold out earlier this year, and lots of people were disappointed. 

    "They started arriving when we opened this morning, and it didn't stop until after we closed at the end of the day," said Linda Staley, director of PHA's Homeownership division. "Our experience has shown that families desire to own their own new home, if they can just afford the monthly payments." 

    Buying a home at Blackwell carries income restrictions. Families cannot earn more than about $56,000 a year or less than $21,000. The West Philadelphia development is one of several homeownership sites PHA is building in the city. In 2007, new homes for sale will be available in East Falls and in the Ludlow neighborhood.
Visitors check out the dining area in the sample home at Lucien E. Blackwell Homes.

These prospective homebuyers were among the hundreds who visited PHA's open house at Lucien E. Blackwell Homes on December 16. Phase 3 of the development features 35 affordable homes for sale.