PHA Tops Nation in Reducing Insurance Claims

Carl R. Green, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority accepts a dividend check of $542,663 from Dan Labrie, President and CEO of the Housing Authority Insurance Group (right) and Dominic Mazzoccoli, the group's Vice President for Underwriting. HAIG rewards member agencies that reduce the number and size of insurance claims. PHA received the largest dividend of any public housing authority in the nation.
    The largest dividend check given to any housing authority in the country - a whopping $541,662 - has been presented to The Philadelphia Housing Authority by the Housing Authority Insurance Group. 

    According to HAIG President and CEO Dan Labrie, PHA's record of fewer and less severe insurance claims over the last year earned the agency the large dividend. 

    PHA Executive Director Carl Greene attributed the across the board reduction in number and severity of claims to improved property management, increased safety awareness among staff and residents and better claims handling by employees. 

    "If you have a well-managed property, people don't fall," Greene pointed out, which eliminates a major cause of personal injury claims. 

    The housing authority also has a Safety Committee to increase awareness among employees and residents of safety issues. This has resulted, Greene said, in fewer accidents. 

    Property damage claims are also down, added PHA's Insurance Services Manager Ellen Hugar. She said claims were also reduced for fire damage, auto damage and wind damage. Hugar credits PHA's property managers with doing an excellent job of maintaining the properties to keep these claims down.

    Labrie explained that the size of the dividend check is based on PHA's performance. HAIG manages the insurance needs of housing authorities throughout the nation. Member agencies contribute to a central pot, and dividends are based on HAIG's revenues minus expenses. 

    "The fewer claims, the more the dividend," he said. 

    Overall, he said, housing authorities are getting better at reducing insurance claims. 

    But PHA's efforts topped them all.