Former Philadelphian to Become PHA Deputy Exec. Dir. of Finance

Elias Rosario brings 25 years management experience to the job

Eli Rosario 2

Elias Rosario, a Temple University graduate, returns to Philadephia to serve as PHA's new Deputy Executive Director of Finance.

(PHILADELPHIA, PA - October 27, 2011)-A man who left Philadelphia to begin his career in the Midwest after graduating from Temple University nearly 25 years ago is coming back home as Deputy Executive Director of Finance at the Philadelphia Housing Authority. 

Elias Rosario, who has been overseeing a billion-dollar-plus budget as CFO at the Chicago Housing Authority, becomes the latest senior executive to join PHA in Executive Director Michael Kelly's pursuit to rebuild the organization's structure.

"We are very fortunate to have attracted a candidate with Elias' unique skills and experience. His background as a CPA and running his own businesses in the private sector combined with his expertise in managing a large housing authority's complex finances make him a perfect fit for us," Director Kelly said.

Mr. Rosario spent the first half of his career in the accounting and financial services industry and since that time has been involved with property management, real estate companies and finally for the past three years the Chicago Housing Authority. 

"My first goal is to establish controls that will ensure fiscal integrity and cost efficiency to all PHA financial operations. PHA is known nationally for its innovations in real estate financing. I want to build on that record and also build public confidence that we are investing with the sole purpose of advancing our mission and improving neighborhoods," said Mr. Rosario. "I am especially motivated and grateful to have the opportunity to make those efforts in the town I used to call home."  

"In the past two months PHA has hired a trio of individuals with impeccable integrity to form the bedrock of accountability and transparency the public has a right to expect from PHA. In our new general counsel, Barbara Adams, director of audit and compliance, Kelvin Jeremiah, and now our new CFO, Elias Rosario we have created a team that I expect will quickly guide us to full recovery," said Director Kelly.

Mr. Rosario, who is bilingual and fluent in Spanish, begins his tenure at PHA on November 21.  He will earn a salary of $168,000.