Max Spann to Auction more than 400 PHA Properties

Nov. 16 Auction offers opportunities for Individuals, Investors and Builders

Auction 52

Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co. CEO Max Spann, Jr., PHA Executive Director Michael Kelly, State Representative Michelle Brownlee and City Councilman Darrell Clarke raise the gavel to formally announce that PHA will auction off more than 400 scattered site properties on November 16. 

PHILADELPHIA - October 13, 2011 - More than 400 properties owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority are being put on the auction block in November, the first time the agency has taken such a step. The announcement came on the 3000 block of Cambridge Street in North Philadelphia where five PHA houses will be included as part of the auction.

Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co., the nation's premier auction house, has scheduled the auction for 1pm on November 16 at Philadelphia Housing Authority Greater Grays Ferry Estates Site, 1800 S. 32nd Street in South Philadelphia.

A wide range of properties is available, from town homes and building lots to multi-unit buildings. The properties are being offered individually as well as in groups of up to 25. A detailed listing of the properties is available at

"There is something for everyone at this auction," said Bob Dann, the Chief Operation Officer of the firm. "This is a great opportunity for homeowners, builders and investors to invest in Philadelphia. These are affordable opportunities to rebuild and renovate."

The properties are the Housing Authority's Scattered Sites. They are located throughout the city on blocks from Rocky Balboa's neighborhood to the great northeast. "We are excited to be chosen by the housing authority to manage the sale and be a part of the revitalization of Philadelphia. Putting these properties in the hands of individuals that can return them to productivity will put people back to work, provide housing and get the city and the country back on track," said Dann.

Auction information sessions have been scheduled from 1 to 3pm at the Greater Grays Ferry Estates office building on October 19, the Warnock Center on October 26, and Greater Grays Ferry again on November 2, Lists of the properties, how to bid instructions and the terms of the sale will be distributed.

The auction is being ordered by the Philadelphia Housing Authority, the nation's fourth largest housing authority, providing housing for more than 81,000 residents of Philadelphia. Also known as the PHA, it is the biggest landlord in Pennsylvania.

"These properties are part of a large inventory not being used and we felt that an auction was the best way to put these homes and lots into the hands of those who can make productive use of them, and return them to the City's tax rolls," said PHA Executive Director Michael Kelly. "By using tan action we will sell the parcels for what the market is willing to pay for them."

Those interested in learning more can visit for an entire list of the properties and a property information package, attend the auction and bid. You can also follow Max Spann on Facebook/MaxSpann and Twitter/MaxSpann or call 888-299-1438.