PHA President & CEO Honored by Building One Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia, PA - December 24, 2013) - The Philadelphia Housing Authority President and CEO, Kelvin A. Jeremiah, was honored at Building One Pennsylvania's 4th annual Leaders: Building Our Future Together Award Ceremony. He was named their Strategic Partner of the Year.

Building One Pennsylvania is a statewide network of local elected and civic leaders working to identify bi-partisan solutions to the often overlooked fiscal and social challenges of our diverse middle class communities.

"The board of Building One Pennsylvania chose Mr. Jeremiah for special recognition because of his work in advancing the southeastern Pennsylvania housing mobility program, which will open up new opportunity for where Housing Choice Voucher holders can live, work, and educate their children," said John McKelligott and Rev. Marlon Millner, the organization's co-chairs.

The regional housing mobility program seeks to promote inclusive, stable, and economically prosperous neighborhoods and reform practices that reinforce the concentration of poverty. Participants in the program will receive counseling and support services before, during, and after their move to high opportunity areas so individuals and families can be successful in their new communities.  PHA is partnering with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Chester County Housing Authority, Delaware County Housing Authority, and Montgomery County Housing Authority for this initiative.

"It is an honor to receive this award and to work with like-minded partners like Building One Pennsylvania to expand housing choices for families," said Jeremiah. "PHA is committed to fostering strong, prosperous communities throughout Philadelphia and the state."