PHA offers assistance to residents who are interested in making the leap from renting to owning a home of their own. We are one of the leading housing authorities in the nation for affordable homeownership sales.

Purchasing a home is a serious investment that requires time and planning. PHA's Homeownership Division sponsors first-time homebuyer workshops where residents can learn more about financial planning, credit review and repair, affordability, getting pre-qualified for a mortgage, and identifying real estate agents and home inspection companies. Our team also establishes working partnerships with financial institutions, housing counseling agencies, and realtors.

Homeownership offers 2 programs: Housing Choice Homeownership for HCV recipients and Section 5(H) Homeownership for scattered site PHA residents.

Document Preparation Fees

PHA's Office of General Counsel assists Homeownership clients with document preparation. Below is a list of services and fees.

  • Satisfaction/Release of Mortgage - $175
  • Subordination of Mortgage - $350
  • Closing Documents (PHA as Seller) -$250
  • Disposition Documents - $550

Homeownership Division