Neighborhood Networks

Neighborhood Networks Centers offers twelve (18) computer labs at various locations. Residents will benefit from the Neighborhood Networks Centers by gaining access to information technology and by developing skills to effectively use the information technology equipment, software, and to navigate the internet.


Abbotsford Homes 3233 McMichael Street, Philadelphia. PA 19129
Bartram Village 5404 Gibson Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Emlen Arms 6733 Emlen Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119
Fairhill Apartments 2443 North 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133
Harrison Plaza 1350 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Hill Creek Apartments 5573 Hill Creek Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19120
Holmecrest Homes 8133 Erdrick Place, Philadelphia, PA 19136
John F. Street 1100 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Norris Apartments 1934 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Oxford Village 6150 Algon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Queen Lane 301 W. Queen Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144
Raymond Rosen 2301 Edgley Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121
Spring Garden Apartments 715 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Warnock Village 2862 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19133
Westpark Apartments 300 N. Busti Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Whitehall Apartments 1923 Margaret Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124
Wilson Park 2500 Jackson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145

For more information about Neighborhood Networks or to get the times for computer classes, please call 215-684-5300