Right to Know

The Right to Know Department cannot assist with requests for housing. If you wish to apply for housing or inquire about your status on a waitlist, please contact PHA Admissions at (215) 684-4454.

If you are calling about a voucher, transfer or any other issue while an HCV/Section 8 tenant, please contact the HCV Department at (215) 684-4300.

If you are unsure of which department you need, you can call the PHA General Line at (215) 684-4000.

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law (“RTKL”), 65 P.S. ยงยง 67.101 et seq., and subject to exceptions in that law, records of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (“PHA”) are available for inspection or duplication upon request.

Requests for inspection and/or duplication are to be submitted in writing (verbal requests do not have the remedies afforded by the RTKL), to the attention of:

Andrea Bowman
Agency Open Records Officer
Philadelphia Housing Authority
2013 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
[email protected]

Please note that all general requests for PHA information or assistance or those specific to one’s particular housing situation should be sent to [email protected].

RTKL requests are to be for records and specific enough so that PHA can understand what is sought (and in what time frame). In addition to providing a name and mailing or email address, please provide a phone number, so that PHA can contact you for any clarification or questions.

Duplication fees are $0.25 per page for single-sided copies, in accordance with the fee structure of the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. Additional fees may apply. In accordance with the RTKL, PHA will require prepayment of estimated fees, by money order or check, associated with complying with the request if the fees are expected to exceed $100. Payment for records is to be received before records are produced and service and attorney fees will be applied to all checks for insufficient funds.

While no special form is required, forms for a RTKL request can be found on the website of the Office of Open Records, at: https://www.openrecords.pa.gov/