Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan


1.1 Moving to Work Demonstration

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) has been designated a Moving to Work Demonstration site, provided under Section 204(a) of the 1996 Appropriations Act. The Moving to Work Demonstration Agreement was effective April 1, 2001 and is expected to continue until the end of PHA’s 2018 Fiscal Year (FY), unless such term is otherwise extended by HUD.

PHA’s MTW Agreement provides that PHA shall have flexibility to design and test various approaches for providing and administering housing assistance that reduce cost and achieve greater cost effectiveness in federal expenditures; give incentives to households with children whose heads of household are either working, seeking work, or are participating in job training, educational, or other programs that assist in obtaining employment and becoming economically self-sufficient; and increase housing choices for low income households.

PHA is exempt from certain provisions of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 and its implementing regulations. This allows PHA to design and test innovative methods of providing housing and delivering services to lowincome households in an efficient and effective manner. PHA may adopt and implement policies for
admission and occupancy, eligibility, selection and assignment, hardships, change in income, definition of elderly, recertifications, establishing rents, lease requirements, and other specific criteria. The policies PHA has implemented pursuant to MTW are included in this Administrative Plan, PHA’s MTW Agreement, and PHA’s Annual Plans.

PHA’s Administrative Plan includes policies which have been developed and implemented under the MTW program. The policies adopted by PHA, under the MTW Agreement, will remain in force through the term of the Agreement and will supersede existing and applicable HUD requirements unless and until amended. Additionally, this Plan includes policies which govern the units not covered under PHA’s MTW Agreement. These policies have been developed pursuant to applicable federal laws and regulations. Program policies related to the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program and not addressed in this Plan are governed by PHA’s MTW Agreement, Annual Plans and, as applicable, federal statutes and regulations as well as other applicable law.

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