PHA Celebrates Move to New Headquarters on Ridge Avenue Commercial Corridor

PHA formally dedicated its new headquarters building at 2013 Ridge Avenue. The building is part of a multi-phased, mixed use development under the Sharswood/Blumberg Transformation Plan. The housing authority has consolidated a number of offices and functions at this location.

“PHA is making a strong statement about its commitment to the Sharswood neighborhood with the opening of its headquarters here,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “The completion of this jewel of a building, the addition of retail businesses, as well as the opening of Vaux Big Picture High School represents tremendous momentum that will help ensure this community’s long-term success.”

“PHA is living up to its promise to ensure that all Philadelphians, regardless of income, are able to live in a community of choice,” said Council President Darrell L. Clarke (5th District). “The agency’s investment will create both jobs and services, by placing more residents and workers on the Ridge Avenue corridor while increasing safety. Other cities are watching and this community will set the national standard for housing authorities and affordable housing development.”

The ground floor of the new PHA headquarters will have a bank and a café area. Ideally, these facilities will serve employees and neighborhood residents, and provide those residents with job opportunities as the housing authority works to revive the Ridge Avenue commercial corridor.
PHA’s new home contains 50 parking spaces, including 2 accessible and 3 car share/hybrid parking spaces. It also features 10 Indego bicycle docks along Jefferson Street and 8 Indego bicycle docks along Ridge Avenue, with 10 on-street bike parking spaces along Ridge Avenue, and 16 off-street bike parking spaces located on the property.

The Board Room on the first floor of the new PHA headquarters building is named in honor of former Commissioners Jannie Blackwell and Nellie Reynolds (3rd and 4th from left) for their long service to PHA. Blackwell still serves on City Council and remains instrumental in helping the authority reach its development goals.

“As a longtime resident of Sharswood, I can tell you that the completion of this headquarters complex gives me hope and confidence about the future of the community,” said Darnetta Arce, Executive Director, Brewerytown-Sharswood Neighborhood Advisory Committee. “I look forward to working with PHA and its other partners to that this transformation plan comes to fruition, making the City of Philadelphia proud.”

The new PHA Headquarters building is designed to achieve LEED Certification rating and shall meet the latest applicable Energy Star Standards. The total investment cost for this new facility is $45 million, with $30 million from bonds and $15 million from PHA funds.