PHA Is Transforming Philadelphia into a Choice City

PHA Is Transforming Philadelphia into a Choice City

Over the summer, the PHA received a $500,000 CNI Grant to plan for the revitalization of Yorktown, and a $50 million grant to add more than 800 housing units to Southwest Philly


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(Philadelphia, PA – Sept 18, 2023) – The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) has received yet another grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Choice Neighborhoods Initiatives (CNI). This is a $500,000 Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant to plan for the revitalization of Yorktown/Harrison Plaza low rises. PHA recently received a $50 million Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant for Bartram/Kingsessing in Southwest Philadelphia.

PHA is the only Housing Authority in the country to receive three CNI Implementation Grant. Thus far, the Choice Neighborhoods collaboration has brought a total of $112.3 million into the City, including three planning grants, totaling $2.3 million; and $110 million in CNI Implementation grants for North Central, Sharswood and Bartram that create momentum by repairing, rehabbing and building housing units; strengthening and expanding business corridors, and connecting long-time residents with the same opportunities already available to resource-rich areas.

“I’d like to thank HUD Secretary Fudge for these grants, which are helping us transform Philadelphia into a city of choice. The Philadelphia Housing Authority is now the leader of creating equitable communities, business corridors and award-winning housing, where anyone would choose to live,” said Kelvin A. Jeremiah, President and CEO of PHA.  “Many are asking for our formula of transforming communities. The secret to our success is simple: Residents are our partners. We value their input and listen to them closely as we plan for change. With their help, we are developing neighborhoods that are resilient and a benefit to newcomers and the long-time residents. I want to also thank them, Mayor Kenney, Council President Clarke and all of our elected officials for their support.  We are excited to undertake another transformative neighborhood revitalization initiative.”

“I am thrilled to learn that our federal partners have awarded this substantial revitalization grant for Yorktown,” said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. “This funding through HUD’s Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants Program will have a positive impact on this community, particularly for the Harrison Plaza Low-Rise. Quality affordable housing and improved amenities are the keystones to building stronger and more equitable communities in Philadelphia.”

“This $500,000 planning grant from the federal government to PHA to continue developing and improving affordable housing options is very welcome news for the people of North Philadelphia,” said City Council President Darrell L. Clarke, whose 5th District includes the Harrison low-rise public housing development. “We need more affordable housing throughout North Philadelphia – and the entire city – and this HUD planning grant will enable PHA, under the strong leadership of President & CEO Kelvin Jeremiah, to continue with plans to revitalize existing affording housing and to plan new units as well. This is tremendous news and we thank our federal partners, including HUD, Sens. Casey and Fetterman, and Congressman Boyle for their work on this funding initiative.”

In addition to new housing, commercial corridors are getting crucial investments, and modern community infrastructures are being put in place including transportation hubs, high-tech community centers, a workforce development center, shady streets and parks, a full-service bank, and grocery stores.

The Choice Neighborhoods program has a three-pronged “Housing, People, and Neighborhood” approach that includes the redevelopment of distressed properties and supportive services related to the residents’ health, education, and income while investing in economic development and neighborhood improvement projects. A two-year Planning Grant will allow the new awardees to create and build support for a comprehensive “Transformation Plan” that addresses the program’s Housing, People, and Neighborhood goals.


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