PHA Holds Open House for Senior Apts. At Norris Phase II

PHA welcomed seniors to an open house featuring apartments designed especially for them at Norris Apartments Phase II in the city’s North Central neighborhood. The housing authority hosted a luncheon for former senior residents at the old Norris Apartments and encouraged them to return and enjoy the revitalized neighborhood.
City Council President Darrell Clarke (center) visits the new senior units at PHA’s Norris Phase II apartments that are located near Temple University in the city’s North Central neighborhood. Former senior residents of the old Norris complex were encouraged to return to the revitalized neighborhood during a special luncheon hosted by the housing authority.

Norris Apartments Phase II is diverse in its demographic composition as it considers multigenerational, visitablity/accessibility, as well as families, and integrates all of these populations within the broader neighborhood. This strategy allows close proximity to promote shared experiences between neighbors, independent of their differences. Residents played an integral role in the vision for the redesign of the neighborhood.