Scattered Sites Management

The Scattered Sites management team oversees PHA's scattered site properties--homes that PHA owns on scattered blocks throughout the city and rents to qualified residents. The team promptly handles emergencies, visits neighborhoods to resolve conflicts, and moves residents into homes that appropriately address the needs of their families.

The management team also sees that seniors receive the attention and services they need to remain self-sufficient.

Ten community-based management offices have been established throughout Philadelphia to provide improved services and immediate hands-on response to the concerns of residents. Learn more about them here.

We use site-based management plans as our primary tool to track procedures and performances. The Scattered Site management staff has received training in professional property management, a key factor in upgrading the quality of service provided to residents. This training provides the expertise necessary to handle a portfolio in excess of 4,000 units.

Scattered Sites Housing Operations
3226 McMichael Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19129 
Phone: 215-684-5655

Scattered Sites Maintenance 
3100 Penrose Ferry Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19145 
Phone: 215-684-8603