Comcast and PHA Green Up Lucien E. Blackwell Homes Neighborhood
    The Lucien E. Blackwell Homes just got greener.

    Comcast employees used their annual volunteer service day to plant trees on a field bounded by 47th and 48th Streets and Aspen St. and Fairmount Ave. PHA had long planned to use the space as a central park for the Blackwell community, but the Philadelphia Horticultural Society helped speed the process by hooking up PHA with Comcast. PHA invested in clearing the field and spreading top soil so that the trees could be planted. Tree Vitalize donated the trees. Comcast employees did the rest. 

    PHA Executive Director Carl Greene applauded the effort in his opening remarks. "The spirited labor that Comcast volunteers are giving today is a tribute to the kind of public-minded employees Comcast has in its ranks. We know that's true from Ralph and Brian Roberts to all of you out here today," he said. 

    Varieties of trees include Red Maples, American Elms, Tulip Trees, Kwanzan Cherries, and Cardinal Crabapples. The trees were all planted in the perimeter of the park so as to leave a large open space in the center. 

    The park is just the last component in the growing Blackwell area. PHA is building hundreds of homes in the construction area including both rentals and affordable homeownership.

PHA Executive Director Carl Greene and PHA board member City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell joined Comcast founder and former chairman Ralph Roberts at opening ceremonies of a volunteer tree planting event on a PHA-owned field at 47th and Fairmount Ave., part of PHA's Lucien E. Blackwell Homes community.

More than 200 Comcast employees gave their time for the tree planting effort.

A variety of trees were planted, including Red Maples, American Elms, Tulip Trees, Kwanzan Cherries, and Cardinal Crabapples.