PHAs Ludlow Homes sales site opens with huge response
    PHILADELPHIA - More than 200 families picked up applications to buy a new home as the Philadelphia Housing Authority opened its sale center at Ludlow Homes in North Philadelphia. The 50 homes that went on sale on Saturday are open to families earning up to $57,000 a year. 

    "One of our objectives at PHA is to make homeownership affordable to working class families," said PHA Executive Director Carl Greene. Ludlow offers families making 30, 40, or 50 thousand dollars a year an opportunity they wouldn't have in the private market." 

    Some families arrived ready to put down a down payment and select a home, but most came to get information and fill out an application. 

    "Our experience at other sites has shown that many applicants don't qualify because of bad credit, but the demand and desire are certainly there. By the time the houses are ready in the spring we expect them all to be spoken for," said the PHA's Linda Staley, who oversees the homes sales team.     

    The homeownership section is only a portion of PHA's overall redevelopment of the neighborhood, which includes 192 homes. The rental housing is for PHA's traditional low-income families while the homeownership units are targeted for moderate-income families. 

    "PHA, like no other affordable housing developer in the city, can impact a neighborhood in such a positive way. That's because we can build on a very large scale," Director Greene said. 

    During Greene's tenure PHA has built similar rental and homeownership mixed-use communities at Greater Grays Ferry Estates, Martin Luther King Plaza, Falls Ridge, and Lucien E. Blackwell Homes. The homes have sold quickly at the earlier sites as PHA has established a reputation for building housing comparable in quality to market-rate homes. 

    All families applying to buy PHA homes are required to receive homeownership and credit counseling, and must secure conventional mortgages. As a result, families who buy these homes remain in them, and have not been affected by problems with sub-prime mortgages. 

    The homes for sale at Ludlow are located between 6th and 8th Streets, and Girard Avenue and Montgomery Avenue. The sales office at 1310 N. Marshall Street is open six days a week. Interested families can call 215-684-0383 or visit to get more information.

More than 200 customers came to PHA's Ludlow Homes sales center on Saturday to fill out applications for 50 new affordable homes. Ludlow is the fifth PHA site to include home sales side by side with traditional public housing rentals.

The new homes for sale in the Ludlow neighborhood will be 3 and 4 bedroom units. They are conveniently located near Center City and Temple University.

PHA salesperson Sheryle Smalls talks to two of the more than 200 prospective homebuyers who came out to look into buying a new PHA home at Ludlow. The houses being built behind them are scheduled for move-in in March.

At the corner of Marshall and Master streets, where one of several sales signs in the neighborhood directed prospective home buyers to PHA's sales office.