Community Partners Training Programs

PHA partners with local organizations through our Community Partners Program to provide residents with free educational and training opportunities.

The Community Partners Program is open to PHA residents only.

For more information or to register for one of the courses, please call 215-684-5300 or contact your Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator.

Existing Programs

  • Adult Basic Education
    Provides students with math, reading, and writing skills in preparation for General Education Development (GED) testing. In the end, students will develop skills needed to aid professional and personal development.
  • Entrepreneurship Program Training
    Offers classes, individualized coaching, and a professional and nurturing environment for students with a desire to be gainfully self-employed. At the program's conclusion, students are prepared to begin their own businesses.

Upcoming Programs

  • Customer Service
    Develops skills needed to work effectively in settings requiring employees to be the link between customers. Participants will, also, learn job application skills, résumé development, and interview technique.
  • Commercial Driver's License [October 2014]
    Graduates will be certified to drive commercial trucks and a variety of large vehicles permitting them to gain employment as bus drivers, delivery drivers, etc.
  • Human Services [September 15th]
    Participants of this program receive counseling, management, and communication skills permitting them to provide guidance and mentoring to at-risk populations (mentally/physically disabled, welfare recipients, disadvantaged youth, chronically homeless, etc.).
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Phlebotomy Technician [October 20th]
    Participants learn entry-level nursing skills, as well as, ethics in healthcare, communication skills, infection control, basic nursing skills. Graduates may obtain entry-level employment in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Customer Service (Community College of Philadelphia) [September 22nd]
    Prepares participants for employment in offices, retail establishment, or call centers. Targets participants with work experience, but may benefit those seeking first-time employment.
  • Automotive Training (Community College of Philadelphia) [September 15th]
    Offers participants automotive inspection, emissions certification, routine maintenance and light repairs, and braking system training. Upon completing and passing the Safety Inspector and Emissions Certification and Maintenance and Light Repair examinations, participants will possess employable skills at various car dealerships and local automotive shops.
  • Workforce Ready (Community College of Philadelphia) (September 8th]
    Provides participants with job preparation, customer service, general office, and basic English and basic math skills.