Office of Audit and Compliance


The Office of Audit and Compliance (OAC) is the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s independent oversight department established to perform investigative, audit and compliance-related activities relating to PHA’s operations, programs and services. The OAC serves PHA by helping to identify and reduce risks and ensuring that policies, procedures, laws and regulations are followed, established standards are met, resources are used efficiently and effectively, and PHA objectives are achieved.

OAC operates under the general direction of PHA’s President & CEO with a direct reporting relationship to the Board of Commissioners. 

OAC provides the following services:

  • Conducts financial and financial-related audits.
  • Conducts compliance and quality assurance reviews of operating controls and transactions to determine compliance with laws, regulations, and procedures.
  • Conducts performance/operational audits to determine efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of all program areas and operations.
  • Conducts criminal and administrative investigations involving allegations of impropriety, fraud, criminal activities, conflicts of interest, waste, mismanagement, etc.
  • Serves as liaison and coordinator of PHA’s interest with HUD, local and federal regulatory and investigative bodies.
  • Responds to requests from the Board of Commissioners, the Executive Director and the Senior Management team for independent analyses of management or internal control systems.
  • Coordinates audit efforts between internal and external auditors to avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Investigates complaints against the PHA Police Department (PHAPD).

Complaints can be made anonymously by telephone, fax, U.S. mail, email, or in person. To report fraud, waste, or abuse, please contact:

Office of Audit and Compliance
Attn: Complaint Intake Unit
Philadelphia Housing Authority
2013 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Fraud Hotline: 215-684-8300
Fax: 215-684-4086
Email: [email protected]

Note: The confidentiality of the source is respected.

Residents and individuals doing business with PHA are strongly encouraged to report information to the OAC.

Audit and Compliance
2013 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121

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