How to Become an HCV Landlord


Owner Briefings

PHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program is now offering free in-person Owner Briefing Sessions. This is an optional opportunity for Owners and Property managers to learn how to join the HCV program and the great benefit it can provide to a real estate portfolio.  This session is conducted every:

Wednesday from 5-6 pm at 2013 Ridge Ave.

Appointments are not necessary. Please walk in and learn all about becoming an HCV Landlord!

What are the Steps to become an HCV Landlord?

Owner Certification Class

Step 1:

If you are already informed and excited to become an HCV Landlord, please take the first step and register for PHA’s free HCV Owner Certification Training. PHA now conducts Owner Certification Training virtually each week:

Tuesday mornings from 10am-1pm

Click on the link to register online: 
PHA’s HCV Owner Training Certification Tickets | Eventbrite 

Step 2:

Create a PHA Owner Portal account & submit the New Owner Application and required owner documents.

Step 3:

PHA will create your Owner Account and ID to provide full access to the Owner Portal!

Step 4:

Advertise your available unit(s) on our partner website  

Step 5:

Locate prospective HCV tenants and start submitting Request for Tenancy Approvals (RFTA) through the PHA Owner Portal to start the leasing process to start rental payments

Listing Your Property:

Learn more about our online property listings here.

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