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PHA Police Department

The PHA Police Department (PHAPD) has served public housing residents since 1971. When PHA consisted of largely high-rise, crime-ridden developments, the PHAPD comprised a force of more than 200 officers. Now that those sites have mainly been rebuilt and integrated back into the city's street grid, they are patrolled by Philadelphia police like any other neighborhood.

The PHAPD's mission remains as important as ever, but its responsibilities have become more specialized. The Department provides valuable services such as Domestic Violence Intervention, Conflict Resolution, and Child Identification programs. In addition, PHAPD coordinates community policing initiatives.

The PHAPD is an active participant in the Philadelphia Managing Director's Public Service Areas Initiative, which develops quality-of-life programs in targeted areas of the city.

PHAPD's Housing Choice Voucher Program Investigations Unit investigates complaints against tenants who violate the provisions of their contract. Additionally, PHAPD Special Investigations Unit investigates allegations of criminal conduct based on complaints from residents, employees and others regarding PHA matters.

The Department also manages the radio room, private security contracts, site security surveys and all security-related issues pertaining to protection of life and property at PHA developments, offices and warehouses.


PHA Police Advisory Board

As part of its commitment to promoting understanding regarding the respective responsibilities of PHA residents, the PHA Police Department, city services and the community, PHA has had a police advisory group in place for a number of years. The PHA Police Advisory Board (formerly Police Advisory Committee) will act as an engaged liaison between PHA residents, PHAPD and the community to promote safety, mutual respect, and cooperation. Click here to see the Charter of the PHA Police Advisory Board.


Complaints Against PHA Police

The Philadelphia Housing Authority Police Department is committed to open and transparent engagement with our residents and the communities in which we serve. This engagement includes sharing information about complaints against PHA Police on our publicly accessible website. In order to promote both transparency and accountability that will strengthen public trust and improve police-community relations, PHA will update this information on a quarterly basis. CAP Log

All citizen complaints against PHAPD are investigated by the Office of Audit and Compliance (OAC). Complaints can be filed with the PHAPD or the OAC.
Antoinette Eberhart
Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety
2013 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Administrative Office: Phone: 215-684-4840
Fax: 215-684-4828
Radio Room-Emergencies: Phone: 215-684-1911
TTY: 215-684-1923