HOPE VI Program

What Is The HOPE VI Program?
HOPE VI is the name of a grant program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Congress created this program after recognizing that many large inner city housing sites were collapsing.

Poor design, deferred maintenance, and decades of hard use combined to turn these "projects" into sinkholes of poverty that sapped economic vitality and hope from their residents.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority used HOPE VI funds in combination with funding from both private investors and other public entities to demolish five old sites. Those sites were then rebuilt with attractive townhouses and garden-style apartments for renters, homeowners, and families of all incomes. The old sites were transformed into lower density developments that are helping revitalize city neighborhoods. The scale of this revitalization is far wider than ever imagined because of the breadth of partnerships in the HOPE VI program and the power of private investment.

HOPE VI means that PHA has the flexibility to devise innovative funding mechanisms in the same way a private property management company does. In fact, PHA and other authorities are adopting industry standards in operations and management, giving public housing residents and taxpayers the most for their money.

HOPE VI also provides education, job training, and other support to residents of these rebuilt communities so they can become independent.

HOPE IV Grants
HOPE VI Grants Demolition Revitalization Support Services
Martin Luther King Plaza 0 $23,946,176 $1,283,774
Schuylkill Falls 0 $25,205,951 $1,195,000
Mill Creek $1,248,160.00 $31,075,000 $3,750,000
Cambridge Plaza $958,977 (requested) 0 0
Richard Allen Homes $3,484,000 $9,028,402 0

Why HOPE VI Makes a Difference

The HOPE VI program changes peoples' lives and the communities where they live in several ways:

  • By changing the physical shape of public housing so that it fits with the surrounding communities instead of becoming an island of isolation
  • By establishing positive incentives for resident self-sufficiency
  • By setting expectations through strict occupancy rules
  • By lessening the concentration of poverty
  • By creating partnerships of opportunity between public and private entities and investors

HOPE VI Success Stories
Seeing is believing. The HOPE VI program has transformed public housing in Philadelphia. The Richard Allen Homes, Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza, Falls Ridge (formerly Schuylkill Falls) Lucien E. Blackwell Homes (formerly Mill Creek Apartments) and Ludlow Homes are examples of the effectiveness of this program.