Pre-Qualification is the process of determining if a contractor is qualified to perform contract work for the Philadelphia Housing Authority. The firm’s work experience, financial status and the verification of required licenses are considered. Pre-Qualification is not a condition of bidding, but it is a condition of contract award.

Non-Bonded Versus Bonded

A firm can be pre-qualified to perform bonded or non-bonded contract work. The non-bonded firm can perform contract work up to $25,000.00. A bonded firm can perform work either under or over $25,000.00.

Pre-Qualification Process

The firm must first complete and submit an application packet with the necessary documentation as follows:

  • Business Privilege License
  • Certificate of Insurances
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Previous Work History
  • Request For Bid Information
  • Complete and Signed Pre-Qualification Application
  • Signed Authority’s Fraud Policy

Requests for Approval of Subcontractors

A prime contractor must request the approval for any subcontractors by completing a special form. The form contains general information about the subcontractor as well as the project name, location, and a brief description of the work to be performed by the subcontractor. The prime contractor is ultimately responsible for each subcontractor. It is also the prime contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the subcontractor has the following:

  • Federal ID number
  • Business tax account
  • Business privilege license
  • Required licenses and certifications

The prime contractor is also responsible for informing the subcontractor of Wage Compliance Laws.

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