Real Estate Opportunities


PHA rarely conducts new fair market sales. When it does, it does so through licensed brokers or public auctions.

Affordable Housing

Organizations interested in acquiring PHA property for affordable housing purposes, as defined narrowly, may be able to partner with PHA to do so. Priority is given to already established neighborhood-based non-profit organizations. For small scale affordable homeownership projects or to learn more, please contact Jennifer Ragen at [email protected] or (215) 684-5757.

Private developers and non-profit organizations are also encouraged to register for and monitor the PHA Procurement Portal. Occasionally, PHA seeks partners to renovate or develop affordable housing. These opportunities range from row home rehabilitation to full multi-family development. If you are not yet registered, you may do so by visiting the PHA Bonfire registration page.

Vacant Land

PHA is not authorized to sell vacant land for private use at less than fair market value. Individuals and private homeowners interested in acquiring a PHA owned vacant lot are welcome to contact Jennifer Ragen at  [email protected] or (215) 684-5757 to ask if a particular property is available for fair market sale or may become available in the future.

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