Become a Vendor

PHA has partnered with Bonfire, an online sourcing platform that streamlines and simplifies the government sourcing process. To access PHA business opportunities, it will be necessary to register with Bonfire. You may do so by clicking here.


PHA's Office of Audit and Compliance (OAC) has developed the Anti-Corruption Guide for PHA's Contractors and Vendors to help identify and prevent corruption. Learn more about OAC here. 

How to update your company information with the Philadelphia Housing Authority
To update your company information with PHA, you must complete and submit the following documentation:

  • Official signed company letter that notifies PHA of change in company information
  • Vendor Add or Update Form
  • W-9 Form (if change in TIN or Name)
  • If applicable, MBE or WBE certification documentation

Company transitions

If your company is going through any of the listed transitions or any other transition not addressed, please notify PHA through submission of the proper documentation listed below so that we may adequately update your company information in our vendor database.


  • Official signed company letter with TIN indicated

Merger or acquisition by another company

All information must be submitted to one of the following addresses:

If you have any questions, please contact us at 215-684-4062 or 215-684-8562.

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