Section 3 Job Bank


The PHA Section 3 Job Bank is a resource that connects Section 3 residents with job opportunities with PHA vendors who make Section 3 hiring commitments. Under Section 3, 30% of a vendor’s new hires must be Section 3 residents. While the Job Bank does not replace a vendor’s own hiring process, it enables PHA to forward an applicant’s information to PHA-contracted vendors who have Section 3 job opportunities. However, PHA does not control which applicants, if any, its vendors eventually interview or hire.

Who is a Section 3 Resident?

A Section 3 resident is:

  1. a PHA resident; or
  2. a low or very low-income person who lives in the City of Philadelphia who has a household income that is low income or very low income under certain HUD income limits (these income limits are listed online on PHA’s Section 3 website, on the Section 3 Residency Self Certification Form).

While a Section 3 resident can apply to any job posted on the Job Bank, there is a mandatory preference under the law to residents residing in the area where the job originated. All non-PHA resident Job Bank applicants must complete a Section 3 Residency Self Certification Form in order to participate in the Job Bank.

How to Apply for Section 3 Job Opportunities

Applicants can submit their information online, via email (in an attachment), mail, or in person*.

*All email or hard-copy submissions must include a note or cover letter specifying the job title and ID of the job being sought.

Post a Job Opportunity on the Job Bank

All employers are welcome to post positions on the Job Bank.  Please contact the Section 3 Program for more information.

Contact Us:

PHA Workforce Center at VAUX BPHS
Section 3 Job Bank Coordinator
2300 W. Master Street, 1st Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Office: 215-684-4318

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