HCV Recertifications


A recertification is a required PHA review of a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) household’s income and composition.  PHA requires recertification’s for voucher holders every two years unless you are an Elderly or Disabled household on a fixed income who are recertified every years.

At recertification, PHA requires the following documentation from voucher households:

  • Your income and the income of all of your household members
  • Any changes to your family composition
  • Your assets
  • Your expenses

HCV Recertification Options

Submit Online

Submit Online

You can now complete your HCV program recertification online using your computer, tablet, or smartphone using our new Recertification Portal at pha.myhousing.com or at the link below:

My Housing Recertification Portal

If you need help navigating the My Housing recertification portal, you can watch the “How To” video below, which shows how easy it is to complete your recertification online; or you can use the My Housing User Guide linked below:

My Housing How To Video

You can also email us at my**************@ph*.gov with questions or if you need assistance with registration.

Submit By Mail

Submit By Mail

You can also complete your HCV program Recertication by completing the Application for Continued Occupancy Recert packet you receive by mail.  You can return your Recert packet with verification of your household income via the following:

  • By email to:  Cl************@ph*.gov
  • By Fax to: 215-684-1023
  • By U.S. mail:PHA HCV Program
    2013 Ridge Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19133

For a list of required verification documents needed to complete your HCV recertification please refer to:

Other forms needed to complete your recertification can be found below:

If any household members 18 years of age and older claim to have zero income a Financial Hardship Worksheet must be completed.