Portability Program

Effective January 01, 2017

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) will bill the Initial Housing Authority for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Participants who port into Philadelphia. As such, the Initial Housing Authority will continue to cover the Participant’s Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and fees associated with administering the voucher.

PHA Rules and Regulations

PHA Rules and Regulations

PHA is a Moving to Work agency and therefore has the authority to make adjustments to the HCV Program in order to establish best practices. To ensure efficient processing of all participants moving to Philadelphia under portability, please note PHA’s unique policies and procedures that will need to be followed below:

  • Voucher Holder is subject to eligibility screening criteria before moving to Philadelphia (Including a criminal background check)
  • Voucher Holder must attend an HCV Program Briefing prior to receiving a PHA voucher
  • Participants have re-examinations every year
Starting the Process

Starting the Process

Once a Voucher Holder receives approval to move to Philadelphia under portability,  PHA must be contacted and the following  documentation submitted by the initial HA:

  • Form HUD-52665
  • Copies of income verification forms
  • Copy of the voucher
  • Copies of family identification documents
  • Copy of the most recent Form HUD-50058
  • Voucher Holder contact information

Note: Once the Voucher Holder signs a lease and a HAP Contract is executed, PHA will notify the initial Housing Authority.

Submit Documents

Submit Documents To

PHA Leased Housing Department
Portability Team
2013 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 215.684.0402
Fax: 215.684.4005

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