A recertification is a required PHA review of a Public Housing/PAPMC’s household’s income and composition. PHA requires recertifications for residents in Conventional Sites and Scattered Sites every two years, unless you are on ceiling rent or an Elderly or Disabled household on a fixed income who are recertified every three years. PAPMC/Tax Credit residents are required to recertify on an annual basis.

At recertification, PHA requires the following documentation from Conventional, Scattered, and PAPMC households:

  • Your income and the income of all of your household members
  • Any changes to your family composition
  • Your assets
  • Your expenses

The Public Housing and PAPMC Programs are completing all recertifications by mail and drop off only:

You must complete your recertification by completing the Recertification Documentation packet you receive by mail or Property Manager drop off.  You can return your Recertification packet with verification of your household income to your Management Office within five business days via the following:

  • By Secure Drop Box at Management Office
  • By U.S. mail to your Management Office

For a list of required verification documents needed to complete your recertification, please refer to:

Other forms you may need to complete your recertification can be found below:

What if I have a change in Family Composition to report to PHA?

With the exception of children who join the household as a result of birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody, a tenant must request PHA approval to add a new family member or other household member (spouse, inter-dependent relationship partner, live-in aide, or foster child). You must complete a Family Composition Change Form and return to your Property Manager with the required documentation listed below for your specific program.

What if I have any other questions about my recertification?

If you have any questions about your recertification, contact your Property Manager or email [email protected].

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