Family Developments

Family developments are, by far, the largest component of PHA’s inventory. Family developments have been designed for families with children in mind. These properties generally have areas specifically designated for children such as playgrounds and recreational facilities.

The chart below contains information related to every family development in the PHA housing system.

  •  Developments marked with a wheelchair symbol have units with accessible features.
  •  Developments marked with LP are tax credit sites managed by PHA’s partner, PAPMC.
  •  Sites marked with AME are Alternatively Managed Entities. They are privately managed and have their own waitlists. To apply for these sites, please contact their offices directly.
8 Diamonds   2028 W. Norris St., 19121215-236-6000
Abbottsford Homes  3226 McMichael St., 19129215-684-3300
Arch Homes5520 Vine Street, 19139215-684-5570
Bartram Village 5404 Gibson Dr., 19143215-684-4973
Cambridge Plaza  1100 Poplar St., 19123215-684-3945
Cecil B. Moore Homes1710 N. Croskey St., 19121215-684-4656
Champlost Homes  5920 Morton St., 19144215-684-5885
Falls Ridge  4349 Ridge Ave., 19129215-848-4116
GGFE 3001 W. Moore St., 19145215-684-7088
Haddington Homes5520 Vine St., 19139215-684-5570
Harrison Plaza  1240 N. 10th St., 19122215-684-4646
Haverford Homes5520 Vine Street, 19139215-684-5570
Hill Creek Apts.  528 Adams Ave., 19120215-684-5622
James W. Johnson Homes  2500 W. Norris St., 19121215-684-4715
Lucien E. Blackwell Homes  755 N. Markoe St., 19139215-684-2715
Ludlow Scattered Sites  1100 Poplar St., 19123215-684-3952
Mantua 3516 Fairmount Ave., 19104215-684-2080
Marshall Shepard Village  755 N. Markoe St., 19139215-684-2715
Martin Luther King Plaza I & III  1600 Federal St., 19146215-875-2510
Martin Luther King Plaza IV  1100 Poplar Street, 19123215-684-2305
Morton Homes5920 Morton St., 19144215-684-5885
Norris Apartments  2013-A N. 11th Street, 19122215-684-3071
Oxford Village  6150 Algon Ave., 19111215-684-5997
Paschall Village  7200 Woodland Ave., 19142215-684-5455
Raymond Rosen Manor 2301 W. Edgley Street, 19121215-684-4700
Richard Allen Homes II  1100 Fairmount Ave., 19123215-684-2325
Richard Allen Homes III  1100 Poplar St., 19123215-684-3948
Sen. Herbert Arlene Homes 1710 N. Croskey St., 19121215-684-4656
Spring Garden Apts.715 Brandywine St., 19123215-684-4499
Spring Garden Scattered Sites I  1901 Spring Garden St., 19130215-564-5393
Spring Garden Scattered Sites II  601 N. 17th Street, 19130267-324-3171
Suffolk Manor1416-24 Clearview St., 19141215-684-222
Warnock Village2862 Germantown Ave., 19133215-684-3000
Westpark Plaza400 N. 50th Street, 19139215-684-5560
Whitehall Apts. 1923 Margaret St., 19124215-684-5992
Wilson Park2500 Jackson St., 19145215-684-4808
Queen Lane LP322 W. Penn Street #A, 19144215-684-1021
North Central Phase II2000 N. 11th Street, 19122215-684-8785
North Central Phase III2000 N. 11th Street 19122215-684-8785
Blumberg Phases I & III1505 N. 24th Street #A, 19121215-684-8049
Strawberry Mansion LP3235 W. Berks Street, 19121215-684-3167
Gordon Street Apartments3235 W. Berks Street, 19121215-684-3167
Oakdale Street Apartments3235 W. Berks Street, 19121215-684-3167
Maguire Gardens 1920 E. Orleans, St., 19134215-309-5229
Liberty 52 616-36 N. 52nd St. 19131267-323-0621
Inglis Methodist Gardens 4161 Edgely Ave., 19131215-596-5380
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