HCV Interim Certifications

What is an Interim Recertification?

When your household circumstances change it may mean you need to complete an interim recertification before your next scheduled recertification. PHA policies dictate what kinds of information about changes in household circumstances must be reported, and under what circumstances PHA will process interim recertifications to reflect those changes. PHA may also conduct interim recertifications of household income or composition at any time to ensure compliance with program reporting requirements.

Limits on Interim Recertifications

Non-MTW Policy 

At any time, PHA may conduct an interim reexamination of family income and composition. At any time, the family may request an interim determination of family income or composition because of any changes since the last determination. PHA will make the interim determination within a reasonable time after the family request.

MTW Policy

Tenants may request no more than one (1) voluntary interim recertification every six (6) months. The six month clock restarts on the effective date of each regular recertification. Required interim recertifications do not count toward the limit on interim recertifications.

Elderly/disabled are exempt from the limit on voluntary interim recertifications.

Notwithstanding the limit on interim recertifications, PHA will process a voluntary interim rent reduction if and when the reduction in income is expected to last for more than 30 days.

Optional Interim Reporting

Households may request an interim recertification under the circumstances outlined below:

  • They receive a decrease in income which may result in a rent decrease; or
  • They have an increase in applicable allowances or deductions.

PHA will process a voluntary interim rent reduction if and when the reduction in income is expected to last for more than 30 days.

Required Interim Reporting

Examples of when a client must complete an interim recertification:

  • Change in Household Composition
    Households must report all changes in household composition within 15 to 30 days of the occurrence.
  • Temporary and Sporadic Income
    Households reporting only temporary or sporadic income are required to report increases in income between regular recertifications.
  • Zero Income
    Households/household members are required to report monetary and/or non-monetary changes in income within 15 to 30 calendar days from the date the change occurred.

What Date does my Interim Recertifications take Effect?

Increases in Rent

An increase in the client’s portion of the rent at the time will be effective on the first of the month following 30 days’ notice to the household.

If a household fails to report a required change within the required time frames, or fails to provide all required information within the required time frames, the increase will be applied retroactively to the date it would have been effective had the information been provided on a timely basis. The household will be responsible for any overpaid subsidy.

Decreases in Rent

A decrease in family share of the rent at the time of an interim recertification will be effective on the first day of the month following the month in which the change was reported and all required documentation was submitted.

How to request an Interim Recertification

You my request an Interim certification by submitting it via the HCV Client Portal or by completing an Interim Packet at PHA Headquarters in the HCV waiting room. Once your request is received please provide up to 30 days for the interim to be processed. If any further documentation is needed you will be contacted by HCV. 

What is required for my Interim Recertification?

Please find the attached guidelines for what documentation is required in order for HCV to process your Interim certification request. The documents must not be damaged, altered in any way, illegible. You may upload your documents electronically using the HCV Client Portal. Below are the required documents for your certification.

What if I have any other questions about my interim recertification?

If you have any questions about your interim certification you can contact HCV via the HCV Client Portal (Cust Portal Login (phila.gov) or by phone at 215-684-4300

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