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Please note that the Housing Opportunity Program is only open to Housing Choice Voucher recipients.

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The Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) provides Mobility Counseling to assist Housing Choice Voucher Program families use their voucher to find and move into quality housing in top-rated communities throughout the Philadelphia region.

Opportunity Areas offer more opportunities for HCV Program families, including better quality of life and housing, diverse neighborhoods, and access to better schools and shopping.  Current HCV Program Participants, new admissions and families porting-in from another Housing Authority can take advantage of the Mobility Counseling Program.  Mobility Counselors assist the voucher holder through every step of the leasing process including workshops on home maintenance, financial management and tenant rights.  The Counselors also provide landlord outreach and unit search assistance.

Residents--learn more about the program here.

Landlords--find out how you can benefit here.

Frequently Asked Questions about HOP

Q: What is the Housing Opportunity Program?
The Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) is a housing mobility initiative aimed at assisting families participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program to explore housing choices and move to Opportunity Areas in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

Q: What are Opportunity Areas?

Opportunity Areas are family-friendly communities with good schools, safe neighborhoods, employment opportunities, and economic diversity. Opportunity Areas offer a wide variety of housing, services, and amenities and represent some of the best communities in Philadelphia and the region.

Q: Where are Opportunity Areas located?
Our Mobility Counselors will provide you with maps of the metropolitan Philadelphia area with Opportunity Areas highlighted.

Q: What are the benefits of the Housing Opportunity Program?
Where a family lives can affect its health, income, and the quality of education. Living in Opportunity Areas should lead to better outcomes for families.

Q: What services are offered by HOP?
HOP Counselors will help families by providing information about a wide variety of Opportunity Areas, assisting with their housing search, and by providing post-move support. Services include:

  • a credit report and credit counseling if needed,
  • mandatory workshops and a resource guide that include topics such as landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, household budgeting, and fair housing law
  • referral to available units
  • search and move tips
  • post move support to link the family with resources and services in their new community

Q: Who qualifies?
Current HCV Program Participants, new admissions and families porting-in from another Housing Authority. To enroll, families must be in good standing with the HCV Program.

Q: How can someone apply?
Complete an Interest Form or call 215-684-4050. A HOP Counselor will be in touch to schedule an appointment.

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