Rules and Responsibilities

PHA, the property owner, and the family have different roles and responsibilities under the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

PHA and the owner enter into a Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract to establish the subsidy arrangement.

The owner and the family enter into a lease, which governs the landlord/tenant relationship.

PHA and the family sign a Housing Choice Voucher agreement, which sets out family obligations for participation in the program.

Even though all parties are important to the successful operation of this program, the owner is the key. Without the owner's participation in providing affordable housing for eligible families, this program would cease to exist.

The roles and responsibilities of each party are outlined below.

  • Maintains waitlists, conducts credit and background checks, reviews applications for the Housing Choice program, certifies program eligibility and conducts annual recertifications for continued eligibility for participants
  • Inspects and certifies that the unit meets Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and approves units for leasing and contracts
  • Determines amounts and pays Housing Assistance Payments to the landlord on behalf of the family
  • Explains and provides information about program policies and procedures to current and prospective landlords and families
  • Monitors program performance and compliance of participants and owners
  • Screens tenants
  • Selects family and leases the unit
  • Performs all management and rental functions
  • Performs all ordinary maintenance
  • Complies with the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract
  • Complies with the lease and assisted lease addendum requirements

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  • Finds a suitable unit
  • Provides income and family information needed to verify and certify continued program eligibility
  • Allows PHA to inspect the unit
  • Adheres to all lease requirements, including payment of the family portion of the rent
  • Abides by all family obligations under the Housing Choice program

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